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Work Stream Subscription

WORK STREAM I.1: Strategy, Policy Demands and Institutional Embedment of Results
WORK STREAM II.1: Recent Developments in the Valuation of Externalities
WORK STREAM II.2: Externalities of different types of agricultural practice and introduction of new practice (excluding biodiversity)
WORK STREAM II.3: Valuation of biodiversity in land areas currently under agriculture
WORK STREAM II.4: External Effects of Changes in Forestry Practices
WORK STREAM II.5: External costs of Industry, Waste and Odours
WORK STREAM III.1: Scoping and alignment
WORK STREAM III.2: EE I-O tables for the EU25
WORK STREAM III.3: Providing a global context for the EU25 EE I-O tables
WORK STREAM III.4: Data integration, transformation linkages to existing models
WORK STREAM IV.1: Evaluating the Impact of the Past Research on External Costs on Policy Making in EU
WORK STREAM IV.2: Exemplary Policy Analyses with EE I-O: Assessment of Impacts and External Costs at Meso- and Macro level
WORK STREAM IV.3: Other Policy Applications of Externality Research
WORK STREAM IV.4: Integration of Clusters II and III
WORK STREAM IV.5: Overcoming the obstacles for internalisation of externalities under extended geographical coverage
WORK STREAM V.1: Dissemination
WORK STREAM V.2: Training
WORK STREAM VI.1: Project Coordination and management